Tackle what matters – Higher Education challenges

Scaling up and improving quality using Information 
and communication technology    

Friday 2nd June, Stockholm, Sweden
Full day and  evening including Nobel dinner 
Sponsors: SU Holding and Stockholm University

First ICT-EDU-ACTION Conference, Stockholm. 
International Policy - Practice meeting for ICT in Higher Education,  
2nd June, 2017

Invited special international guests: Vice chancellors (Rektorer), Heads of departments (Prefekter), directors of studies (Studierektorer), Head of IT departments, Policy makers in higher education.   

Stockholm University inspiration and international 
collaboration day: 7 Challenges

Challenge 1

Creativity and structure:
How to create and manage large scale global R&D projects

Challenge 2

Learning in depth:
How to make use of digital literature  

Challenge 3  

Problems and opportunities: 
 Scaling up AND increase quality in higher education 

Challenge 4

Universities and ICT development for the public sector

Challenge 5

Inclusion and integration: 
Innovative ICT approaches for immigrants 

Challenge 6

Knowledge driven businesses and the role of universities 

Challenge 7
How to communicate research and development project findings beyond texts